Oct 11

Would you please “Provide With 5”?

Oct 09

Matching Mondays in October 2016

Oct 05

How Your Donations Have Helped a Single Mom

Janet Smith, and her daughter Arianna, moved to Charlotte, North Carolina in 2010.  In 2012, when Arianna was only 10, Janet was diagnosed with stage IV metastatic breast cancer after swelling in her right arm prompted her doctor to recommend a mammogram. Besides undergoing chemotherapy and having a bilateral mastectomy Janet has undergone rounds of radiation for brain tumors and surgery to remove a mass from her stomach. With all that she was going through she found that she also needed knee replacement surgery, which created a whole new set of problems for her.

Needless to say, Janet, who is a single mom and living in a state at the opposite end of the country from her family, suffered financial difficulties. Her career as a stockbroker was thriving when the nightmare started. She thought that she could continue working, but (more…)

Sep 27

Provide with 5!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The country turns pink. You can’t escape it.

EVERY month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month at Provision Project. EVERY month we receive applications from women who need help paying their bills while fighting breast cancer. Funding is needed EVERY month to help. We need your help!

Five dollars. Most of us spend five dollars without blinking. At the coffee shop. At a convenience store. At a fast food restaurant. At the drug store. Five dollars. It’s not a lot, right?

So can we ask you to donate at least $5 a month for the next year? If you do …. and if others do …. we will be able to help more women at higher levels of assistance. Many small donations can have BIG IMPACT!

Our goal is to get 500 new donors who will give a minimum of $5 per month for a year this October. Please help us reach this goal so more women can be helped in the upcoming year!

Click here to Provide with 5!

Sep 27

Word from the Executive Director – September 2016

by Rashida Willard, Executive Director

The first eighteen months of Provision Project have been remarkable because of supporters like you!  Thanks to one of our committed donors, we are strengthening our infrastructure with a system that will allow us to communicate with you more.  Look for regular newsletters like this one to learn how your generous donations are impacting women in active treatment for breast cancer.

It was around Christmas when I found the lump.  I was 34 years young and enjoying the wonderful life I had.  No one in my family had cancer, so I would be okay, right?  The holidays were full of tests and pokes and doctors’ appointments (more…)

Sep 27

The Standard Volunteer Fair 2016

A huge THANK YOU to The Standard for hosting the 2016 Volunteer Fair.  Provision Project’s Executive Director Rashida Willard and Treasurer Michelle LaLonde were privileged to be a part of the fair and met so many survivors and family of survivors!  We appreciate everyone that stopped by to hear about all the great things Provision Project is doing and how you can help support our mission!

Sep 27

Burgerville Fundraiser – Vancouver, WA – Sunday 10/23/2016 – 5pm-8pm

Mark your calendars!  Provision Project is partnering with Fisher’s Landing Burgerville in Vancouver, Washington, on Sunday, October 23, 2016.

Burgerville is giving 10% of their profits from 5pm to 8pm to Provision Project to help provide financial relief to women in active treatment for breast cancer.

Please come out and have dinner, meet Provision Project staff, and enjoy a great night with us!  The location is 16416 SE McGillivray Blvd, Vancouver, WA.  We look forward to seeing you there!


Sep 16


Pinktober approaches. The country is about to go nuts for PINK.

Most women with breast cancer still seem to like or love pink.  Many think of it as a color of honor.  Of courage.  Most are grateful for the embracing of pink, especially in October, because it means more women are getting mammograms and doing their self-exams.  More women are being diagnosed early, which means lives are being saved.

Some women with breast cancer have fallen out of love with pink.  Because it represents The Beast.  It’s a constant reminder of the cancer that crept up on them and took over their life.

There seems to be an awareness growing, however, (more…)

breast cancer support

Sep 15

Breast Cancer Journey: The Cost Of Cancer Care

Breast Cancer Journey: The Cost Of Cancer Care

Susie Turrey is a breast cancer survivor who wanted to share her breast cancer journey with us. We thank her for telling her story.

Susie writes, “My breast cancer journey was not only an emotional, physical and spiritual experience, it was a financial journey as well.  I’ve written about my journey on my blog, but today I want to talk about the cost of cancer care, even with good insurance.  Now that treatment’s almost a year ago, I can talk about money.”

Breast Cancer Journey: The Cost Of Cancer Care (more…)

Sep 07

This is Day One: Breast Cancer Journey

This is Day One: Breast Cancer Journey

 by Rachel Dubree

Rachel is a mom of four beautiful, brilliant, and talented children, a wife, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, drill sergeant, short-order cook, housekeeper, chauffeur, manager, peacekeeper, nurturer, cheerleader, role model, trendsetter, innovator, mentor, leader, teacher, sports fan, prayer warrior and Jesus lover.  And she just happens to have breast cancer. 

It’s a beautiful morning! Breeze is blowing. Sun is shining. Birds are chirping. Pups are wagging. God is still good. I still have cancer.

In fact, I have been aware that the beast is residing in my person for 2,542 days now. In that time, I have done endless loads of laundry, driven countless miles to and from schools, attended multiple open houses and parent teacher conferences, cheered from the bleachers at a gazillion athletic, musical and academic events, prepared hundreds of meals, updated the family calendar for months on end in everyone’s specific color and run miles upon miles on my own two feet. I have laughed and made love. I have raised my hands in worship and prayed. I have danced. Boy, have I danced. I have been fine. (more…)