Oct 23

Jasmine’s Story

Looking nothing like what we’ve been through.

Jasmine is battling Stage 4 breast cancer. She’s a young (29!) giving, loving single mom with 3 beautiful children who is fighting every day to be there for her kids. She was diagnosed when she was just 17.

Because of how advanced her cancer is, she is required to journey 247 miles (four hours one way) every other week to receive the treatment she needs to stay alive. She has no car of her own. (more…)

Oct 12

What You Don’t Know about Stage 4 Breast Cancer

by Jan James

Sisters, you know how steep your learning curve has been since you were diagnosed? Well, I hate to tell you this, but you still don’t know much. And I say that with all the love I can send you.

I remember about three years ago when I was getting one of my first chemo rounds, and I cheerfully said to the gal next to me (who also had bc), “So how many more rounds do you have?” (more…)

Aug 01



We’re going into production of Prayer Buddies! If you are interested in helping make these adorable little stuffed animals which will be used to raise money for the Provision Project, just reply to this post. They’re simple to make and will help raise money to provide financial relief to women in active treatment for breast cancer.

Feel free to SHARE this with sewing groups, crafty friends, church service project groups, Girl Scouts, etc. We would appreciate ALL help on this project! (more…)

Jul 31

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark Places

by Tania Meek

Today I spent the afternoon with a friend going through breast cancer. She was pouring into others, as she always does . . . shining a light into other people’s dark places.

As we drove back home, I asked a pointed question. What had people (friends, family, and acquaintances) done right or wrong over the last few weeks, as she battled this horrible fight? (more…)

Jun 28

The “Provision Project 100”

About six weeks ago, I laid down in bed around 1230am. And I couldn’t sleep. First and foremost on my mind was the Provision Project, our new non-profit to help provide financial assistance to women who are in active treatment for breast cancer. (www.provisionproject.org)

As I laid there, I clearly heard something. Over the years, I have come to learn what it was. God’s voice. Two words. “100 Club.” And I instantly knew what God meant. (more…)

Mar 16

For the Luck of Cancer?

by Melissa Powell

If you were to see the scars that rest on my now flattened chest you might not consider me lucky, but you are not looking deep enough.

If you were to watch me climb out of bed each morning stiff from the medicine that continues to keep the stalker at bay you would not consider me lucky, but you are still not looking deep enough. (more…)

Mar 12

Talking to Children About Breast Cancer

A new breast cancer diagnosis can be extremely overwhelming with a tremendous amount of information to process. There are many factors that will play into deciding how you will tell your children about breast cancer.

This video will discuss children’s development, behavior and common reactions as well appropriate language and sample dialogue regarding treatment. We hope the following information will help encourage and empower you to talk with your children about breast cancer. (more…)

Mar 12

Things To Do When Someone You Love Has Cancer

by Jan Owen James When someone you love has cancer, you may feel as if you don’t know how to help. The following list was developed by cancer survivors.

Each of us has a primary “love language.” Think about your love language, as well as the love language of your loved one who has cancer, to determine the best thing to do. To discover your love language, observe how you most often express love to others. If you hug everyone you see, your love language may be Physical Touch. Determine what you most often complain about not getting from others. If your spouse goes on a business trip, and you say, “You didn’t bring me anything,” your love language may be Gifts. What do you ask of your loved ones most often? If you crave getting together for lunch or coffee, your love language may be Quality Time. (http://www.5lovelanguages.com/) (more…)

Mar 12

The Things I Wish I Was Told When I Was Diagnosed With Cancer

by Jeff Tomczek

Your relationships are about to change. All of them. Some will get stronger. They will probably not be with the people you would expect. The people you want to handle this well might not be able to for a variety of reasons. Some of the reasons will be selfish. Some of them will be entirely innocent and circumstantial. All of them will be forgivable because no one plans for cancer. Carrying bitterness or anger won’t help your recovery. Fighting for anyone to stick with you won’t cure you. Those who can, will. (more…)

Mar 12

What I Never Knew About Chemo

by Jan Owen James

Many of you have been through chemo or have walked alongside those who have. But nothing prepared me for the mountain of learning that I’ve had to gain in order to safely journey my way through chemo. I figure that if I didn’t know some of the following tidbits, there are probably some of you who didn’t either. So as a public service, here’s what I never knew about chemo. (more…)