How Your Donations Make A Difference

Testimonials from our Grant Recipients



“I was diagnosed with DCIS breast cancer in July 2015. I had just moved with my husband and three children from IL to KS. Our world was already in a tailspin with new town, new state, new schools, new job, and now cancer. Just three weeks later I had my bilateral mastectomy. Six days after that, my right breast began swelling, and my drain was filling rapidly with blood. I had another emergency surgery. The bills were so overwhelming. I was blessed by the best news that everything was removed surgically, and no chemo or rads would be necessary. I just couldn’t celebrate that news from being financially overwhelmed with the bills. I did an application and received word of financial help from the Provision Project. It has truly been a God-send blessing. I still have a lot more to get paid off, but it reassured me that God will provide. He did so through you. My complete thanks for this wonderful gift. It’s truly changed my outlook on being a survivor. As soon as we get the rest of our bills paid off, we fully intend to make the Provision Project the charity we support. All of my love and thanks. May God return the blessings to all of you the same way you have blessed me.” T.S. – Andover, KS


“The Provision Project came to my rescue September 2015. I’ve been in treatment for stage IV breast cancer since 2011 and living off of disability since then. Living on less than half of your income leaves no opportunity to save for unexpected expenses. I was having an extra rough month financially, and was encouraged to apply to the Provision Project. The application process was very easy, and their response extremely quick. The Provision Project saved me from financial disaster. They provided funding to cover some utility and medical bills! Without their help, I would have been forced to skip a bill which would have started a financial nightmare. Thank you, Provision Project! Eternal love and gratitude, T.M.” – El Mirage Arizona


“Mucho Kudos to The Provision Project for helping me with my SRP bill during the Summer months. I was scheduled for my reconstructive surgery last month which consisted of an expander removal to be replaced with an implant along with some fat grafting. Then on the right side, she performed a breast lift and inserted a small implant to even it out. My surgeon recommended that I take 2 weeks off to recover, but because of my hectic work schedule, I was only able to take one week off. I didn’t had enough funds to cover my expensive SRP bill for the  month. I almost called them to ask if I could go on a payment plan. The Provision Project came to the rescue and they were able to pay the bill for me! I feel SO blessed to know that they’ve helped out a single mom with 2 teenage daughters. I only wished I knew about them last year when I was diagnosed in January 2014. It was a rough year going through Chemo and Radiation but luckily I was strong and healthy enough to work through it. Thank you SO much! ”  L.C. – Glendale, AZ


“Thank you so much to all those who encouraged me to apply for the Provision Project grant. I don’t like asking for help, but I have to admit it sure is nice to get it when you’re desperately trying to stay afloat. This is my second Breast Cancer diagnosis, and this time around I haven’t been able to work much. The Provision Project stepped in and paid my utilities for me when I simply didn’t have the money. What a stress reducer! Thank you again Provision Project.”  K.S. – Beaverton, OR


“After an emergency back surgery related to degeneration from chemo and radiation side effects, I was unable to work for over a month.  With three kids and being a single mom; I was trying to make payment arrangements to keep my electricity on.   In the heat of the Summer, we were living dollar to dollar and day to day financially. A board member reached out to me from the Provision Project and encouraged me to fill out an application for assistance.  I was hesitant.  I felt as though others probably needed more help than we did, but I was on the verge of not being able to make the next payment on my bill.  I filled out the form and was contacted within days.  My bill was PAID IN FULL.  Such a blessing.  I thought we would get a portion paid, but to have the balance paid helped me get back on my feet.  I am so thankful to the Provision Project.  It helped us with something that isn’t just a luxury, but a necessity.”  B.H. – Denison, TX


“I am so grateful for help from the Provision Project. We became unemployed 2 weeks before my diagnosis and had trouble paying all the deductibles and co-pays up front to the hospital. It was encouraging to have somewhere to turn for help during a very overwhelming time. I can’t wait to get to the other end of this so that I can help out to pass it on to others.”  V.T. – Phoenix, AZ


“As we all know, we aren’t only fighting Cancer, we are also fighting to keep our lives in order at the same time. The strain that comes from being sick and trying to maintain our bills and keep our jobs causes so much additional stress. It’s nice to know when you just can’t keep up anymore there are wonderful people out there that can and will help. Thank you so much for helping me, I appreciate it more than you know.”  W.D. – San Diego, CA


“I am a working, married mother of 2 beautiful girls ages 3 and 5. I have always provided our family with half of our income. When I was diagnosed in March with stage 3 triple negative breast cancer I was taken off work to conquer this battle. With all of the treatments and surgery I am missing a year of work. Money is the last thing you want to stress about in a time like this but it’s inevitable. I contacted the Provision Project for assistance and that very day I was accepted for aid. It was so wonderful to be able to take a deep breath and know that I had one less worry. Thank you to this wonderful organization that’s helping people like me.”  H.C. – Mesa, AZ


“I thank you so very much for the help. I’ve been so super stressed.  It never fails to sprinkle–it rains and pours when you really need a sunny, go-rite day. I am on IV for 30 days with home nurse that comes out three times a week. The pain lessens with each day.  It was so severe from the infection I couldn’t stand it. Thank you for reaching out and helping me through the storm.  I am forever blessed that the Lord has given us a journey that led us to one another and a sisterhood that helps each of us through tragic journey and battle for life. Thank you so very, very much for shedding lite at the end of the tunnel.”  J.C. – El Mirage, AZ