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Oct 07

Next Matching Monday is October 8


EVERY MONDAY IN OCTOBER IS MATCHING MONDAYS! October 8, 15, 22, 29 DOUBLE YOUR DONATION = DOUBLE YOUR IMPACT! Aqua-Tots Swim Schools has once again donated $1,000 to match your donations each Monday in October! HELP US FILL OUR PIGGY BANK TO OVERFLOWING FOR WOMEN IN ACTIVE TREATMENT FOR BREAST CANCER! We help women live while the world waits for a cure. **SET YOUR ALARM for Monday, October 8th!** Thank you so much! We appreciate all your support for women in active treatment for breast cancer!


Oct 05

Provision Project by the Numbers

In 2017, your donations to Provision Project helped 135 women, funded an average of $468 each. In 2018, through August, your donations have helped 112 women, funded an average of $290 each. Requests for help exceed our available funding. Because of that, Provision Project decided to decrease our average grant amount in 2018. We have helped 22% more women to date in 2018, but our average grant amount has decreased by 33%. 10.2% of overall donations go to overhead. 63% of that overhead is used for donation management (credit card fees and donation tracking system). Provision Project has no paid staff or office. Our board and leadership is 100% volunteer. Every applicant is thoroughly vetted before funding is considered. All funding is paid directly to the company owed, rather than to the applicant. Through August, funding has been provided in the following ways: 29% Medical 26% Utilities 23% Transportation 18% Housing 4% Food/Emergency Needs

Oct 12

What You Don’t Know about Stage 4 Breast Cancer

by Jan James

Sisters, you know how steep your learning curve has been since you were diagnosed? Well, I hate to tell you this, but you still don’t know much. And I say that with all the love I can send you.

I remember about three years ago when I was getting one of my first chemo rounds, and I cheerfully said to the gal next to me (who also had bc), “So how many more rounds do you have?” (more…)