Provision Project by the Numbers

  • In 2017, your donations to Provision Project helped 135 women, funded an average of $468 each.
  • In 2018, through August, your donations have helped 112 women, funded an average of $290 each.
  • Requests for help exceed our available funding. Because of that, Provision Project decided to decrease our average grant amount in 2018. We have helped 22% more women to date in 2018, but our average grant amount has decreased by 33%.
  • 10.2% of overall donations go to overhead. 63% of that overhead is used for donation management (credit card fees and donation tracking system).
  • Provision Project has no paid staff or office. Our board and leadership is 100% volunteer.
  • Every applicant is thoroughly vetted before funding is considered.
  • All funding is paid directly to the company owed, rather than to the applicant.
  • Through August, funding has been provided in the following ways:
  • 29% Medical
  • 26% Utilities
  • 23% Transportation
  • 18% Housing
  • 4% Food/Emergency Needs

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