Provide with 5!

pw5_logo_tagline-jpgOctober is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The country turns pink. You can’t escape it.

EVERY month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month at Provision Project. EVERY month we receive applications from women who need help
paying their bills while fighting breast cancer. Funding is needed EVERY month to help. We need your help!

Five dollars. Most of us spend five dollars without blinking. At the coffee shop. At a convenience
store. At a fast food restaurant. At the drug store. Five dollars. It’s not a lot, right?

So can we ask you to donate at least $5 a month for the next year? If you do …. and if others do …. we will be able to help more women at higher levels of assistance. Many small donations can have BIG IMPACT!

Our goal is to get 500 new donors who will give a minimum of $5 per month for a year this October. Please help us reach this goal so more women can be helped in the upcoming year!

Click here to Provide with 5!