Think Before You Pink-Sign being held by women in park

Pinktober approaches. The country is about to go nuts for PINK.

Most women with breast cancer still seem to like or love pink.  Many think of it as a color of honor.  Of courage.  Most are grateful for the embracing of pink, especially in October, because it means more women are getting mammograms and doing their self-exams.  More women are being diagnosed early, which means lives are being saved.

Some women with breast cancer have fallen out of love with pink.  Because it represents The Beast.  It’s a constant reminder of the cancer that crept up on them and took over their life.

There seems to be an awareness growing, however, of how corporate America has hijacked pink.  It’s called “the pinkwashing of America” in the breast cancer world.  There is an understanding that marketers in big corporations found ways to ride on the coattails of “breast cancer awareness month” by making something pink, selling it, and indicating that “a portion of the proceeds” go to …. well, somewhere.

As we go into October, please remember to “THINK before you PINK.” When you buy cute pink stuff where “a portion of the proceeds go to” the “cure” or “awareness,” you really don’t know where your money is going or if you’re even really helping, do you?

In the meantime, a woman with breast cancer is trying to figure out if she should pay her chemo co-pay, her family’s electric bill or get food for the kids. There’s only enough money for two of those three things. What should she do?

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